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Gemstones and minerals have fascinated and inspired people, from kings and emperors to pharaohs and priests as well as medicine men from the most diverse cultures, for thousands of years. They believed that stones contain special magic and have used them as jewelry, for protection and even for remedial purposes.

Gemstone ART has incorporated the brilliance, radiance and energy of stones to create this art since 2010. The inspiration arose from studying the largest gemstone mandala ever laid in Europe by a Tibetan Lama for the International Stone Welfare Symposium in 2009.

Since installing this 2x2meter mandala in our gallery, many visitors have enjoyed its beauty and have asked where they could acquire such a piece of art as a smaller wall decoration. Therefore Gemstone ART was born.


Rolf Hunkeler, CH project manager and  Atlas-therapist

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Rita Koch, Westerheim (BW), DE  commercial clerk   

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